Panic creeps through my intestines. Thousands of insects wiggling. Worming their way through my stomach, some settling quite contently like sludge. The rest writhe up into my chest. Heart Racing Skin Crawling I can’t catch my breath. I want to scream or hide. Brain is in overdrive screaming thoughts of doubt. Not good enough Not … Continue reading Anxiety


Daring Rescue

Crowned Princess Annalise Eleanore Brentwood of Crendessa kicked and screamed as her captors half carried, half dragged her through the castle. She landed a blow in a gut, making the man wince in pain. Twenty minutes ago they had roughly woken her up and pulled her from the cell she’d been living in for the … Continue reading Daring Rescue

Living in 20 Words or Less

cars honking, trucks rumbling, construction crashing, sirens wailing, radios playing, trains on tracks. fans cheering, bats cracking, traffic moving, dogs barking, people laughing, buses sneezing. door slamming, bags rustling, heeling clacking, music playing, gate ringing closed. wood thumping, keys jingling, people talking, grill sizzling, doorknob turning. alarm beeping, bell twinkling, door shutting, bags dropping down. … Continue reading Living in 20 Words or Less


Nothing is more powerful Than an angry nation. We the People of an outraged population demand our voices be heard. Sitting in the White Mansion, or Capital Hall hearing only the words of a warped reality. Ignorance is bliss when you dismiss our displeasure of your offensive policies. We the People will not stand for … Continue reading Wrath


Procrastination is the root of destroyed dreams. Waiting for the correct time-when the iron is hot. Yet, idleness and inactivity never started any fires. Listlessly sitting day in and day out. Indifference devouring passion. That spark must be cultivated not left in the void of nothing. Content with reality is just another way of saying, … Continue reading Sloth


The world is over-indulging. In technology In news In consumerism Hear me out. Instant downloads Instant coverage Instant buy Information has no moderation with the click of a button, the world is at our fingertips. Our proclivity will be our downfall. Instant knowledge Instant reaction Instant reply Gorging on an influx of information without time … Continue reading Gluttony